About me


I specialise in Landscape, Travel, Wedding and Social Media Campaigns. I currently live in Roydon, Nr Diss in Norfolk, and in my spare time (Ha!) I am a qualified FA Referee, this is something I took up once I realised I was getting old and slow(er), back in the day I was part of the Great Britain American football squad and won a National Championship with Norwich Devils in 2007 which was on Sky Sports. I was also a County Cricketer and I also played some Semi-Pro football too.

My Style

My landscape work brings me a great sense of peace and tranquility into an otherwise busy schedule. My style has seen my work used by the BBC numerous times as well enabling me to travel around Europe both on Business and Pleasure Photography expeditions. I shoot with a Canon 5DSR along with a host of Filters which enable me to specialise in Long Exposure Photography.

When your Wedding Days arrives I love capturing natural shots and real emotions taking place, not stiff and rigid, actual human expressions at the time of when that shutter goes off. I want to be able to encapsulate the story of your day, a lot of it is often about being at the right place at the right time, whether that's anticipating how the groom might react to seeing his beautiful future wife for the first time in the church, getting a great angle of the brides mother shedding a tear, or creating some treasured portraits of your big day making the most of your venue.

Big long lists of formal group shots isn't really my thing. Up to 15 group shots is fine and will take anything from 30 to 45 minutes out of the day (warn the best man he will be rounding up guests), this gives me more time to get back to what I do best, crafting my way in between your guests to capture the day as it pans out.

I like to think I put a bit of fun into the day and get to know not just yourselves but the guests who you are sharing your day with, I will help you relax, I will blend into the background when needed, answer questions about my camera from your Uncle Barry who is a mad Wildlife photographer, capture moments you hadn't realised had happened, flirt with the bridesmaids and photo bomb their selfies, but ultimately deliver a set of images that you'll love.


My unconventional path into photography currently runs alongside along side a 7 year career in Traffic Management. I literally purchased my first camera as a punt in July 2013 and never looked back since, I am part of an amazing photography community with many many friends across the world who have supported me along the way and given me tips and inspiration. I could never envisage things going as well as they have done but here we are today. My Instagram account gains on average 2,000 new followers per month. I've never had any formal photographic training, I'm completely self taught through reading magazines, watching YouTube tutorials but most importantly immersing my self around fantastic people who inspire me on a daily basis.


Photography is a passion, it takes commitment, patience, craft and a good eye but It's hugely satisfying to give people a set of images to cherish or a nice piece of art work for their home. I am a perfectionist ultimately which I think suits photography extremely well. I also have a huge desire and ambition to travel and see moments which will last with me forever, and I have certainly captured some of those moments whilst I've been out and about travelling with the camera.


I've grown up and lived in Norfolk my entire life, and through photography I've learned to love this county and surrounding areas more and more. I initially had a passion for landscapes and living in Norfolk with its many National Trust Woodlands, miles of beaches and acres upon acres of farmland made it quit easy to find new locations to shoot, I love to travel to London to do Cityscapes and I am known for just jumping in the car, booking a hotel somewhere and off I go.

I got into Weddings about a year into doing photography and love the amazing opportunities weddings create - I love being part of peoples special day and getting wrapped up in all the excitement. The sense of pride when that final shot is finished and I hand over you images compares to nothing I have ever done. To be part of something so emotive and hopefully once in a lifetime is so rare in something which is classified as "work"

Many thanks for checking out my page and I hope to be saying I look forwards to working with your good selves soon.